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Medical and educational visits to Indigenous communities in QLD

The Queensland Deadly Heart Trek aiming to end Rheumatic Heart Disease has finished. We received very positive feedback during the visit, and we are now following up with communities to gain further feedback. Five communities up in the Cape and Torres region invited the Deadly Heart Trek team to visit and provide education, diagnosis, and treatment of rheumatic heart disease (RHD). Two experienced multi-disciplinary teams consisting of health workers, doctors, nurses, and community leads went on the listening and action…

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Deadly Heart Trek QLD launches in Cairns

 A group of highly experienced doctors, health workers, and First Nations leaders from across the nation gathered under the ‘Knowledge Tree’ in Cairns to begin the ‘Deadly Heart Trek’ in Queensland, aimed at helping tackle the rising rates of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. A beautiful Welcome to Country ceremony from Minjil kicked off the proceedings, followed by stories from incredibly brave families including Lynette Bullio who shared her experience with son…

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Medical and Educational visits to Indigenous communities in the NT

   Initially, the Deadly Heart Trek was planned to tour across Australia in July 2021, from Cairns to Broome, in areas with a high burden of disease. When COVID-19 hit, it was put on hold. Several communities in the Northern Territory were still highly enthusiastic to invite the Trek team for a visit. After careful consideration of the COVID situation, it was deemed safe to make a medical and educational visit in 2021 from July to September. Dr Bo Remenyi…