To listen to and learn about the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities on RHD

To respond and support with education, upskilling local community members, early detection of and treatment of RHD, particularly in communities with restricted access to medical facilities

Demonstrate that the on the ground activities outlined in the RHD Endgame Strategy are feasible

To raise awareness of RHD and demonstrate the need for funding and political commitment to help eliminate RHD

  •    We will ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership, engagement and endorsement
  •    Maintain a culturally safe program: abiding by cultural protocols, adhering to cultural safety and always acting with respect
  •    Adhere to community protocols, do no harm and work within ethical boundaries for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  •    We will listen to the needs of each State/Territory/community and deliver to their needs, in respect to RHD echo screenings, upskilling local health workers, education, advocacy and treatment
  •    We will only work with communities that request support
  •    We will monitor the COVID situation, ensure COVID safety and utilise the principals of the COVID hygiene education